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Enamored Package

The following items listed are the services that are included in our Event Coordination Package. The services provided are for a 10 hr block on the day of the wedding, as well as unlimited phone and email communication. Total investment for service is $450. Additional hours the day of the event will be charged at $45 per hour. 



  • Providing a recommended vendor list (venue, caterer, florist, dj, band, etc...) if requested.

  • One 2 hr. consultation

    • Outlining and creating a schedual for the day

    • Going over list of vendors and those that still need to be booked

    • Agreeing upon a vison for the day of 

    • Agreeing upon a floor plan and decor for the day of

  • Direction of rehearsal the day before, or whenever the venue allows

  • Overseeing all set up and decorating on the day of

  • Facilitation of pre-approved day of schedule 

  • Organization of wedding party and all vendors on the day of

  • Working with the photographer to ensure that all agreed upon shots are captured

  • ​Loading of all personal belongings and gifts into arranged vehicle 

  • ​Collecting all personal items after guests and the newlyweds have departed and returning them to the couple​

  • Follow up with client at designated time to confirm that everything has been taken care of and close out

*Additional services, outside of standard services listed above will be billed based on services requested and degree of involvement required of the planner.

**Client will take care of all payments to any and all vendors. 

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